Hot Picks for the Nordstrom Summer Sale

Nordstrom's summer sale is here which means it is a good time to grab items from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale on clearance as well as items that will carry nicely into your fall wardrobe.  All items ship free and can be returned for free as well.  This post contains affiliate links.

This sale is highly shopped, so it is better to order items and return them if you decide not to keep them.  If you wait to think on your purchase there is a good chance the item will be gone when you come back to grab it.

I love the animal print detail at the bottom and you won't find a better price.

$31.90 down from $79.99
These have been the most talked about sandals for the past two summers.  There are 8 colors to choose from. Some colors are listed here and others are listed here.

33% off

You can score big on these Tory Burch boots before the winter season even starts!

If you have been around for awhile you know that my go to jackets are always from BERNARDO!  This packable jackets keep you cozy, but are extremely lightweight and very stylish!

Moving on to KIDS! Don't forget all items ship free and can be returned for free. When purchasing shoes I buy at least 2 sizes and send the one that doesn't work out for my kids back. Those feet are always growing, so it is hard to know what size to buy.


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